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What a great loss… December 18, 2012

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I don’t even know how to start this. What a great loss of lives this country has experienced. Young lives cut short for no reason except that a very sick person stole them from this world. Just as I know the parents and families of all the victims are reeling from their loss, I can’t help but think of the loss our God feels for the life of all those involved including the shooter. We are all his children after all. This young man spiraled(over the course of some time, I’m sure) into a manic episode that led him to that dark evil place. This place that must exist outside of our consciousness, outside of our ability to reason, apart from ability to see right from wrong, and ultimately outside of himself and seperated from the calling of his Father.
As I see all the Facebook posts and pictures calling for prayer and support for these victims, there’s also a lot of 2nd Amendment talk floating around. To be honest a lot of it saddens me. I think there are a lot of simple statements being made, with not much thought behind them, for a very complex problem. There just simply isn’t a one size fits all band-aid for our world. I’m sorry there just isn’t. What I pray is this:

Please comfort those who have lost, bring peace in the midst of upheaval,
accept the lives of those lost into your loving arms and wrap them in
your mercy and grace. From this tradegy I pray that there comes understanding.
I pray Lord that if there be more mothers out there, ones with children who
are struggling, speak into their lives, give them guidance to know the words
to speak, show them resources to help their children so that not one more
child grows up to be a man tormented by the thoughts of his own mind. Most
of all help us all to grow more and more into our identity in You. Help us
all to know that your ways are perfect and thank you God for loving us in
our imperfect lives. Amen.


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