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Changed November 21, 2012

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Today is one of those emotional days.  Nothing’s really wrong, everything is actually pretty good.  It’s just that kind of day whenever I see something that tugs at the heart strings then I cry like a baby.  I cried pretty much the entire Ellen Show today and then Rascal Flatts sang on The Voice tonight.  Their song “Changed” really speaks to me.

I’ve always recognized the change God has made in my life. I was saved when I was around 14 going on 15.  I didn’t come from a churched family so I pretty much forged my way into making my life look like nothing I’d ever known.  Thankfully God put me on a path that brought me into a church family that utterly changed the course of my history. Being part of the ministry in the very house that brought me up is a very humbling experience. I am a firm believer in the saying, “to whom much is given, much is required.”

So anyway listening to this song made me think of my own life first. Once I was saved, I can’t really say there was a time that I “backslid”.  Not to say there weren’t times when I made mistakes or had dry spells but I never walked away or thought that this life wasn’t for me.  I KNOW I was saved from something. Secondly I think about those that I’ve seen come and go over the years. I’ve seen some people come from some seriously rough situations, then they have a miraculous encounter with God, to then walk away like it never happened. They go back to a life that tears them down, drains them of all their strength, and gives nothing good.  That breaks my heart to see that happen.

It’s easy to say, “well that’s their choice”, life’s all about choices.  Yes, it is but that doesn’t make the fall easier to watch.  Thank God He’s willing to pick us up every single time, right? I pray though, for those that I know, that have made the choice to walk away from a loving God for whatever reason. Sometimes the past eats us up inside, maybe they don’t feel worthy of the love, maybe they simply don’t care to put forth the effort. For whatever reason, I pray that the God who loves them makes it known in such an extravagant way that they can’t help but be changed.

We all could use a little change.  Change our outlook, change our thinking, change our hearts, change our mindsets, and change us from the inside out. Let the river of change flow like a flash flood, sweep away doubt swiftly, cover our hearts with your mercy, help us to know Your grace, most of all Lord, help us to act out of a spirt of worship for our King. Really after all He did for me, changing is the least I can do for Him.



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