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The life and times of a gut spiller… November 9, 2012

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Hello my name is Trish and yes I am a gut spiller.  I am the person you know that says how she feels about everything.  I am a crier and a bit dramatic at times (ask my husband). I literally cannot stand to watch people say goodbye to each other at an airport.  Random people, I don’t know them but I will tear up if I witness that.

Now I try not to shout it all from the rooftops for everyone to hear but if you’re close to me, you know a lot about me. There are times though, that I wish I would’ve not been so open. There are things I’ve shared with people that has then caused them to believe that every future situation I deal with is tainted by my feelings of some past event.  I’d like to believe though that I’ve gained a little wisdom over the years that’s based on reasoning and truth not just perspective based on my experiences only.

Over the years though I’ve realized that talking about stuff is how I cope with stress. Now being married to someone who is the exact opposite of that is at times frustrating.  Not so much any more since we pretty much know what makes each other tick.

I really just think life is too important not to get excited! I live fully, love fiercely, and express my feelings in a way that shows how extravagant God’s love for humanity is. We don’t have time to leave the next generation or this generation, for that matter, wondering about how great our God is, how much we love them, and to not fear leading by example for fear of failure. I’ve seen people in relationships that go by with so many words unsaid and then when it’s over no one knows why. We are all worth fighting for. We need to step outside our quiet box and say what we mean in the spirit of love.  

Over time, I’ve  come to the point where I appreciate that quality in myself and others.  I mean at least you know where you stand with us. You’ll never question where our loyalties lie. Gut spillers unite!!!


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